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Tabata Workouts Routines – Tabata Workouts Routines. Tabata is the ultimate fitness trio. Fast. Pleasure. Effective. We have slightly modified the standard structure by making each round of Tabata a superset. Instead of doing one exercise for four minutes, alternate between two complementary movements for a total of eight minutes. This change gives your working muscles a little more rest time between sets, which means better form for all your reps in each round of Tabata.

Get ready to burn significant calories. Print out this workout and have your timer handy (we like the free programmable SIT app – Simple Interval Timer). I hope you love this workout as much as we do.

Tabata Workouts Routines

Tabata Workouts Routines

Jumping jacks: This classic gymnastics move increases the heart rate; Add some cross-jacks for variety.

Tabata Barbell” Wod

Walkouts: This full-body move slowly takes you from standing, to plank, to a deep lunge, and back to standing again.

Lying Squat: Do your basic squat, lifting your arms overhead and increasing the core strength required for each repetition.

Up and down planks: Move steadily and smoothly between plank and elbow plank, working your arms and core.

Climbers: Hold the plank position and move your legs in place as if you were running to work your arms and abs.

This Tabata Abs Workout Cranks Up The Core Strength Challenge

Alternating side lunges: Keep your chest up as you step sideways. Stand back up and repeat the lunge on the other side.

Bicycle crunches: Don’t overdo the reps of this classic ab exercise. Keep your shoulder blades off the floor and bend your ribs to bring your elbow toward your other knee. If you’re really ready to make a healthy change, then this is the calorie burner you’ve been looking for! This Tabata weight workout combines Tabata-style intervals with superset strength training rounds for a great full-body cardio and strength routine!

This is a quick and effective Tabata workout that will transform your cardiovascular endurance and muscle strength while burning serious calories! It’s a little crazy and a little over the top, but once you’re done you’ll feel like you can do almost anything!

Tabata Workouts Routines

This is your real Tabata, a total body fat burning workout you MUST try! This workout contains four Tabata supersets, with a total of eight Tabata exercises.

Tabata Leg Workout In Just 8 Minutes

Set 1: Tabata Exercises – Go back and forth between two exercises for 20 seconds work/10 seconds rest for a total of 4 minutes.

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Set 2: Strength – Go back and forth between two exercises for 30 seconds, until you’ve done them all 3 times.

Set 3: Tabata Exercises – Go back and forth between two exercises for 20 seconds work/10 seconds rest for a total of 4 minutes.

Set 4: Strength – Go back and forth between two exercises, each for 30 seconds, until you’ve done each exercise three times.

Total Body Tabata Workout: No Equipment Home Exercise Routine

Perform each exercise for 20 seconds and then rest for 10 seconds. Go back and forth between the two for a total of 4 minutes.

B) Walk or jump with both feet between your hands and come into a low squat position. Jump as high as you can, land and return to your plank position.

B) Lift one knee as high as possible and lift the other arm. Jump up and perform a jump by switching sides. Continue by alternating arms and legs.

Tabata Workouts Routines

[adthrive-in-post-video-player video-id=”cjt9l3C0″ upload-date=”2021-11-10T21:53:14.000Z” name=”Burpee + Power Skips + Push-Ups + Walking Lunges – Calorie Sizzler ” description=”Set 1 and Set 2 of your Calorie Sizzler Workout ” player-type=”static”]

How To Burn Fat With A Tabata Inspired Training Routine

Perform each exercise for 30 seconds. Go back and forth between the two until you’ve done each 3 times.

A) Start in a plank position with your arms shoulder-width apart. Engage your core and keep your abs tight. (If that’s too challenging, you can modify this by doing a kneeling plank.)

B) Lower your chest to float above the mat as you hug your elbows toward your side body and keep your elbows straight back. Straighten your arms, press up and return to the plank position.

A) Stand tall with your feet hip-distance apart. Take a large step forward with one foot and lower your body toward the ground. Both legs should be bent at a 90-degree angle at the bottom of the lunge.

Group X Spin Class Routines Triple Tabata

B) Pull your knee toward your chest to repeat the walking lunge on the other side.

B) Lift one knee as high as possible and lift the other arm, then quickly switch. Continue by alternating arms and legs.

B) Bring one leg back by making a slight angle backwards. The front knee comes to a 90 degree angle.

Tabata Workouts Routines

C) Swing the arms in front of the bent knee and jump the leg forward to switch sides in a skating motion. When you switch sides like a skater, the arms switch.

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Cardio, Core & Booty Tabata Workout

[adthrive-in-post-video-player video-id=”xstnCF1b” upload-date=”2021-11-10T22:15:53.000Z” name=”High Knees + Skaters + Renegade Rows + Diagonal Rear Lunges (Calories Sizzler ) )” description=”The 3rd and 4th set of your Calorie Sizzler Workout ” player-type=”static”]

A) Start in a full plank with dumbbells in your hands, arms straight and on your toes. Activate your abdominal muscles by pulling your abdomen toward your spine. (If you can’t do a full plank, you can kneel.)

B) Pull one elbow toward the ceiling, hug your side body, feel the grip of the back of your arm, and return to the floor with a dumbbell in a controlled manner. Repeat on the other side.

B) Transfer your body weight to your left leg and cross your right foot behind your left leg, bend both knees while facing forward with your hips and lower yourself to the ground in a lunge. Keep your back flat and your chest up to keep your weight on the front leg. Repeat on the other side.

Whata Is Tabata?

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Tabata Workouts Routines

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Beginner Tabata Workout Plan

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To track this workout, you can use a watch, count the seconds in your head, or download this great iPad/iPod app called Tabata Pro timer. It will do all the work for you so you can focus on your training!

The forward/backward lunge is exactly what it sounds like… you lunge forward, push off and immediately fall back without stopping in between. Engage your core to balance yourself. Don’t keep your hands together…this disconnects your core. Move forward as quickly as possible without losing your balance.

Kneel down, place your hands on the floor. Step quickly with one foot until you are in a plank position, then step back with the other foot. Then quickly step forward, stand up and jump slightly, raising your arms straight in the air.

Try Tabata: An Explosive And Efficient Workout — Mindset & Movement

Feet shoulder-width apart, weight on your heels. Crouch and jump, raising your arms in the air. Land softly to protect your knees!

Start in a standing position. Keeping your legs as straight as possible, lean forward and walk your hands outward until you get into a plank position. Do your push-ups and walk yourself backwards. If necessary, you can get on your knees for push-ups. Keep your core engaged here to support your lower back.

Lift your arms above your head, palms together, and perform squat jacks. To initiate the jump, jump your feet to the side, get into a crouch position and cut your hands at the same time. Return to start and repeat.

Tabata Workouts Routines

Get into the standard plank position. Your arms are aligned below your shoulders.

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