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Healthy Lifestyle Coach – Healthy Lifestyle Coach. Slowing down your racing thoughts What skin creams are most effective in treating eczema? Wondering what your lymph nodes are doing for you lately? Are you considering collagen drinks and supplements? Navigating Middle School Is Difficult: How Can Parents Help Harmful Online Gambling? Preventing liver diseases is on the rise: it’s what you eat and what you avoid that counts. Fall vaccinations: Who is most at risk for RSV, COVID and the flu? Do you have immunity? Thanks to your thymus gland. Easy ways to buy nutritious and cheap food

In the fall of 2019, my hospital announced that they were looking for doctors who were willing to undergo rigorous training to become certified wellness coaches. While working with patients who were benefiting from coaching, I jumped at the chance. Their experiences were almost universally positive: many of them achieved goals that would otherwise have been bad, such as weight loss, which led them year after year – and in vain – as a New Year’s resolution. Many doctors I know who were also trainees have been able to combine different skill sets in a way that enhances their ability to connect with patients and meet their needs on a much deeper level. .

Healthy Lifestyle Coach

Healthy Lifestyle Coach

Just as a sports coach can help an athlete develop and master a sport, a wellness coach can help anyone succeed in life, even — or especially — if they have a chronic health condition. is the. The process of coaching is similar to talk therapy in that two people discuss ideas and problems, but the difference is that the person being coached takes control and creates their own goals. , and also develops strategies to achieve goals. These goals.

Better Together Program

People typically hire a coach to help with a variety of issues, such as weight loss, stress management, chronic disease management, improving diet and exercise, smoking cessation, addiction, and coping with life-changing events such as a heart attack. tour of The activities of a coach and a life coach overlap, but the scope of a life coach is much broader and includes career issues, executive coaching and professional effectiveness.

An important technique used by coaches is motivational interviewing, during which the coach asks open-ended questions to help the client identify the reasons for their change. Instead of telling the doctor, “You need to lose weight,” the coach might ask, “How would your life be different if you lost the weight you’re trying to lose?” A concept that has been proven effective in many scientific studies is that people who change for their own reasons and on their own terms are more likely to succeed than someone who tells them what to do – that’s less motivation. Giver is more and more. Resistance to change.

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Motivational interviewing has also entered the medical profession with great success. After focusing on it intensively in my coaching training, I now put it at the forefront of my interactions with patients, trying to really listen to what they are saying and try to address as many different issues as possible. who engaged in finding a solution. Problems arising. Patients seem to really appreciate it, and while I haven’t done any research, this method certainly seems to be effective both in terms of patient interactions and results from what I’ve seen.

While traditional psychology focuses on what is “wrong” with people and what needs to be “fixed”, coaching philosophy focuses on what has worked and can do and will improve for you. This means that instead of finding problems to live with, a coach will work with you to improve your strengths and improve the behaviors you want to address.

Why Hire A Personal Health Coach?

Coaching is effective for people facing different situations. According to a recent study, coaching “results in clinically significant improvements in several biomarker risk factors (including systolic and diastolic blood pressure, total cholesterol, LDL cholesterol, HDL cholesterol, triglycerides, fasting glucose, body weight, body mass index, waist circumference, and cardiorespiratory health) in different populations. Coaching also helped improve COPD-related quality of life and reduced hospitalizations for COPD patients. Not surprisingly, some doctor’s offices offer it, some insurance companies pay for it, and even private companies are starting to offer coaching to their employees to reduce the cost of their care. .

Coaching is a relatively new field and an unregulated industry, so you don’t need any qualifications to work as a coach. There is no strict definition of what a coach is, which adds to the confusion. In other words, anyone can sit around and call themselves a “coach”. However, there are many programs that train and certify trainers, both in person and online. The most famous and respected are: National Society of Coaches, American Council on Exercise, Dr. Sears Wellness Institute, Duke Integrative Medicine and Wellcoaches School of Coaching (where I trained). It is highly recommended that you choose a certified trainer to ensure that they have a certain level of training and experience.

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The time commitment and cost of coaching are highly variable. Some people receive coaching for a very short period of time – even one session – for a single issue, such as accepting or rejecting a job offer, while others may receive coaching for months or years, for example weight management. , for diabetes, depression. or hypertension. The price depends on the skills and experience of the trainer. As mentioned earlier, some employers and medical plans may take this into account, since there is ample evidence that coaching on issues such as weight loss, for example, can significantly reduce the cost of care. It’s important to note that trainers take privacy very seriously and have a code of ethics, but they don’t have the same HIPAA-level privacy protections that apply to a doctor’s office visit.

Healthy Lifestyle Coach

Coaching appears to be more effective when delivered remotely, over the phone or online, compared to face-to-face coaching. This provides great flexibility as coaching can be done in person, over the phone or via video conference.

Personalized Nutrition Coaching

Coaches’ bios will often be available to view, so check if their interests and experience align with the issues you want to address. Trainers enter the industry with extensive experience, and it can be beneficial to choose a trainer with experience in a health-related field, although many highly talented trainers have careers in a variety of fields. Word of mouth is always a great way to find a coach. You can also call your insurance company, and if this is a benefit they offer, they may have trainers they can recommend.

Unlike a passing fad, there is strong evidence behind coaching for its effectiveness in helping improve and improve well-being. Being a coach has given me great satisfaction because it’s rare in life that you can promote happiness, build resilience, save money, and at the same time help people live longer and more fulfilling lives. do

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Dr. Peter Grinspoon is a primary care physician, educator and cannabis specialist at Massachusetts General Hospital. Instructor at Harvard Medical School; and certified coach and health. He is the author of the forthcoming book Seeing… See full biography

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Healthy Lifestyle Coach

A guide to concepts that can help you achieve well-being and happiness, based on the latest research.

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